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Disabilities Office

Student Disability Services at Grand Canyon University

Student Disability Services at Grand Canyon University (GCU) welcomes all students, staff and faculty with disabilities. Our office ensures individuals with a disability receive equal access to all systems, programs and facilities. Find out more about our accommodation policies and procedures, and how to request accommodations through our office.

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Phone: 602-639-6342
Fax: 602-589-2652

GCU Accessibility Standards

At GCU, we are committed to creating websites with accessible content and functionality. "Accessible" denotes an individual is able to independently access and utilize GCU's websites to obtain information and services. In demonstration of our efforts to provide accessible web content, we commit to the following standards:


  • Websites will be compatible with screen reader software and allow users to skip repetitive navigation menus. 
  • All website functionality will be accessible using keyboard commands.
  • Site navigation will be user-friendly and allow intuitive progression through content. 
  • Frames will be titled with text for navigation and identification.
  • Data tables will include identified row and column headers.
  • Multimedia elements will include text alternatives.
  • Descriptive text elements related to page content and functions will be included for all non-text elements. 
  • Pages with images will include Alt tags.
  • All videos will be closed-captioned and include a descriptive text transcript.
  • All audio content will include transcripts.
  • All form controls will be labeled.
  • Elements that expand and collapse will be labeled and announce changes to the screen reader.
  • If a timed response is required, the user will be alerted and given the option to request more time.
  • All elements will be visible in high contrast mode (Windows).
  • Any information conveyed by color will also be available without the use of color.
  • All pages shall be understandable without an associated style sheet.
  • All elements will be designed to avoid causing a screen flicker in the frequency range of 2Hz to 55Hz, inclusive. If a video is unable to meet these standards due to content, a warning label will be included. 
  • GCU will use tools provided by W3C to scan new websites and attempt to resolve accessibility concerns before the website is made available. 

GCU aspires to provide Web services that encompass ease of use and accessibility for all students, faculty and staff. We offer one-on-one technical support to assist with the GCU website navigation. Individuals requiring assistance can contact technical support or Student Disability Services for further assistance.

Grievance Process

If you are dissatisfied with your accommodations, you may contact Student Disability Services to discuss different options or get additional assistance. You have the opportunity to request accommodations above and beyond the normal scope of Student Disability Services. You may submit a request for additional accommodations through Student Disability Services; our office will then present your request to the ADA Executive Decision Committee. The committee will review your request as well as your documentation before rendering a determination.

If you are dissatisfied with the determination made by the ADA Executive Decision Committee, you can appeal the determination to the provost of GCU. To file a second appeal, contact Student Disability Services, and we will forward the appeal to the provost. We will also advise you of the provost’s decision. The provost’s decision will stand as the final decision of GCU.

GCU reserves the right to deny a student's request for accommodations or to suggest alternative accommodations if the student cannot provide appropriate documentation of a disability or if the student's request impacts the academic integrity of the institution as outlined in Wynne v. Tufts University School of Medicine (1991).

"If the institution submits undisputed facts demonstrating that the relevant officials within the institution considered alternative means, their feasibility, cost and effect on the academic program, and came to a rationally justifiable conclusion that the available alternatives would result either in lowering academic standards or requiring substantial program alteration, the court could rule as a matter of law that the institution had met its duty of seeking reasonable accommodation."

eBook Requests

Student Disability Services can now obtain eBooks for courses not currently participating in GCU's eBook initiative. Our eBook program is primarily available to low-vision, blind and dyslexic students. Students without such impairments may request eBooks if they can provide appropriate reasoning in their accommodations request. If you have questions concerning the process for obtaining eBooks, contact Student Disability Services at 602-639-6342.