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Apply to the GCU Honors College

Interested in becoming a part of the Grand Canyon University (GCU) Honors College? Join our community of scholars and take advantage of all that the Honors College has to offer. Before applying, make sure to review the criteria, application materials and expectations of an honors student. We hope you take advantage of this unique opportunity to become a part of a group of fellow servant leaders and scholars.

Joining the Honors College

All students must submit an application prior to completing 36 college credits. Incoming freshmen should check their GCU Student Portal to determine if they meet automatic eligibility for the GCU Honors College. External transfer students with a 3.5 college GPA who are currently enrolled in a college-level honors program or Phi Theta Kappa are eligible to waive the secondary honors application. Email for more information.


Application due by July 1, 2019

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Admission to the Honors College is based on the number of qualified applicants each year as well as each individual student’s unique qualifications. All applications are reviewed holistically to ensure that your individual skills and achievements are taken into consideration.

Criteria for Internal Transfers

If you are a current GCU student, you can join the Honors College as an internal transfer. You must have a 3.5 GCU GPA and apply prior to completing 36 college credits.


Submit the following materials as part of your application to the Honors College:

  • Personal statement, 500-700 words
  • Updated resume, including both employment and community service
  • Two letters of recommendation

Program Requirements

As an Honors College student, you are required to meet certain criteria in order to participate in the program. These requirements help ensure that you receive the most out of your honors college experience, including an enriched curriculum and unique symposia.


If you joined the Honors College as a freshman, you will need to complete 20 credits of coursework, in addition to co-curricular activities.

Curricular (20 credits)

  • 8-12 credits of general education
  • 8-12 credits of honors coursework in your major


  • Four mandatory non-credit bearing symposia experiences are required annually throughout the program, with one occurring each year during the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior spring semesters. Students on a 3- or 3.5-year graduation track will not be penalized, and may have an alternative option presented in place of the fourth symposium.
  • You must maintain a 3.25 GPA at GCU.


If you are joining the Honors College after your freshman year, you will need to complete three areas of coursework requirements, totaling 16-17 honors credits.

Curricular (16-17 credits)

  • 8 credits of general education
  • 8-9 credits of honors coursework in your major


  • A number of non-credit bearing symposia experiences are required annually throughout the program, depending on which year you enter the program.
  • You must maintain a 3.25 GPA at GCU

Honors Courses

You will complete 8-12 credits in your major, usually two to three courses, depending on the college program. Please view our complete list of honors courses in each major to learn more. Students should make sure that they are scheduled for these courses as 'honors credit' (HN).

View Honors Majors Coursewalks

Honors general education options include:

  • UNV-106HN: A Ripple in the Pond
  • CWV-106HN: Christianity: Story, Theology and Mission
  • ENG-206HN: The Power of the Media: Social and Critical Approaches
  • COM-211HN: Honors Public Speaking