Housing Operations

The Office of Housing Operations at Grand Canyon University manages the housing reservations and logistical needs of both the incoming and returning residential community on campus. The planning of living area allocation and growth, creation/maintenance of online housing selection processes and communication of/accountability to housing policies and deadlines are all aspects Housing Operations oversees.

It is the goal of Housing Operations to provide student centric, premier customer service by keeping students informed of housing opportunities and responsibilities and offering an efficient, intuitive housing selection process. Housing Operations seeks to empower and develop students to navigate housing needs and priorities. Striving for continual improvement of student service, processes and policies is paramount to Housing Operations.


Contact Housing Operations

[email protected]
Student Affairs Building, Building 26

Important Dates

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Student Housing

GCU offers a variety of housing options for new and returning students. Our suite-style residence halls and apartments offer all of the amenities you need to make GCU your home away from home. Browse through our housing options to learn more!

Residence Life

Additional important information including the list of items to bring and student conduct information is managed by Residence Life. Visit GCU's Office of Residence Life to learn more. 

Housing Costs

GCU is committed to keeping housing costs low. Housing and meal plan costs are dependent on the accommodations you seek and the type of meal plan you select. Explore our room and board fees to learn more.

Withdrawal From Housing

If you need to withdraw from GCU Housing before the end of your Housing Contract, you will need to fill out the Housing Withdrawal form. The form can be found by logging into your housing portal and clicking on "Forms". 

Housing Selection

The housing selection processes for new and returning students occur during two different time periods based on the needs of each group. Returning students select housing in the spring term of the academic year. This allows you time to understand campus housing and develop an idea of with whom and where you might like to live during the next academic year.

GCU hopes that all students who desire on-campus housing are able to choose a housing reservation on campus. GCU strives to intentionally maintain viable options for all students. In the event that housing selection comes to a point where returning students are unable to choose a bed on campus due to capacity, GCU has created contingency plans to open further housing options if needed.

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Allocation and Building Designation

Campus housing is allocated between new and returning students. GCU reserves the right to adjust the allocation of a living area at any time.

General Housing Selection Policies

Protecting Your Password

You should not under any circumstances share your online housing application username or password. You will be held responsible for the actions completed on your online housing application.

Failure to Complete Housing Contract

Students will not be permitted to move in without a signed Housing Contract. Students who have a housing assignment must complete the Housing Contract by the Step 3 deadline. Failure to complete the Housing Contract by the Step 3 deadline communicates to Housing Operations that the student does not intend to live on campus, resulting in a canceled reservation.

Housing Selection for Returning Students

The Housing Selection Process for returning students happens in three steps. Please review each step and the associated dates and deadlines.

Step 1

Standard Selection Process
  • Step 1 includes paying a $200 non-refundable pre-payment and completing a profile.
  • Access dates for Step 1 will be assigned (provided via email based on the number of current completed credits) to help mitigate portal traffic and does not affect a student’s housing selection timeslot for Step 3 (one student paying on time before another student paying on time does not give an advantage).
  • Selection timeslots for Step 3 will be sent after the close of Step 1.
  • Failure to pay the $200 pre-payment by the Step 1 deadline will result in a “late applicant” selection timeslot assigned for the last day of the Housing Selection Process. Late applicants will not be eligible to participate in roommate groups and should expect to only see temporary overflow housing options when selecting a bed.
  • Temporary Overflow Housing: GCU always has more students apply for housing than actually end up living on campus. A temporary waiting period for beds to open up on campus should be expected. Temporary overflow housing spaces are not intended for students to remain in permanently and are not attached to an actual bed on campus. Students select temporary overflow spaces so they can get financially cleared and can complete their housing application while waiting for an actual bed to open up.
Express Renewal Process (optional)
  • Express Renewal is only available for select beds intended for returning students and not marked for specified populations (Resident Assistants, Life Leaders, student athletes, etc.). Students who choose to opt into Express Renewal will complete the Housing Selection process fully in Step 1 by renewing their current bed for the following academic year, selecting a meal plan and signing their Housing Contract. Roommate groups are not available in the Express Renewal process.
  • Students who begin their application after the Step 1 deadline will be considered late applicants and will not be eligible for Express Renewal.

Step 2 (Optional)

Students have the opportunity to participate in roommate groups in Step 2. This optional step is outlined below:

  • Students can only create roommate groups of two or four through the housing application and must designate a group leader (this should be the student in the group with the earliest timeslot).
  • Once the group is formed, the leader must verify the group in the housing application.
  • The group leader is responsible for choosing each group member’s housing assignment in Step 3.  
  • Each group member must log on to select their own meal plan and sign their own contract.
  • Editing roommate groups by adding or removing members is available until the Step 2 deadline. After Step 2, students may only remove themselves from groups or delete groups.  
  • Late applicants may not create or join a roommate group.
  • The ability for a group to live together is based on availability. At some points students may need to decide between who they want to live with and where they want to live.

Step 3

Step 3 includes:

  • Selecting a bed
    • Individuals not in a group select their own assignment
    • Group leaders select beds on behalf of each member of the roommate group
    • If the roommate group is unable to find a room that allows all group members to live together, the members should consider removing themselves from the group and selecting housing on an individual basis according to their assigned timeslots.
  • Selecting a meal plan
  • Signing the Housing Contract
  • Signing up for renter’s insurance (optional)

Students who have a housing assignment but do not complete the Housing Contract by the Step 3 deadline will have their reservation canceled.

Allocation and Building Designation

Campus housing is allocated for students who are new to GCU and for students who are returning.

General Housing Selection Policies 

Protecting Your Password

The sharing of online housing application usernames or passwords is not allowed under any circumstances. Students will be held responsible for the actions completed on their online housing application.

Failure to Complete Housing Contract

After students have selected housing reservations, they will select a meal plan and sign the Housing Contract.

  • Optional: Sign up for renter's insurance.

Housing Contracts must be completed and submitted by the housing cancellation deadline specific to that term. If a student is applying for housing after the cancellation deadline has passed, the Housing Contract must be complete at the time of housing selection.

Failure to complete this contract by the established deadline will result in the cancellation of the GCU housing reservation. Once this step is finished, the Housing Selection Process is complete!

Housing Selection for New Students

Look through the upcoming dates for new students to select their housing. 

New Student Housing Application Deadlines

Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) provide an opportunity for New Students (17-19) in select programs to live in close, tight-knit communities where they can build new friendships and networks with others in their program. Students who qualify and opt into living in an LLC during the housing selection process can look forward to exclusive events and opportunities. LLCs currently exist for New Students (17-19) in:

  • Business 
  • College of Nursing and Healthcare Professionals (CONHCP)
  • Honors
  • Psychology
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)
  • College of Education (COE)

LLC Availability

The decision to opt into/out of LLC housing is made during Selection Round One. LLC beds fill fast! During Selection Round Two, students who are interested in Living Learning Communities will have access to the LLC Waitlist. Placement is not guaranteed.

Summer Housing

After carefully monitoring the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and the recent developments that are impacting the entire country, Grand Canyon University has been working diligently to ensure we are protecting the health and well-being of our campus community. Please refer to the GCU updates on the COVID-19 information page for the most up to-date information.


Due to COVID-19 developments, on-campus housing in the summer is only available to

  • International students who are unable to return home
  • Student-athletes as reviewed by the Athletic Department
  • Summer resident assistants
  • Student workers who are unable to work remotely
  • Student employees at Canyon Ventures
  • Internships approved through the College of Science, Engineering and Technology


Summer students and student workers must be present for summer move-in and spring checkout. Summer students may extend their stay in their spring housing reservation until the summer move-in date. See below for important dates and costs.

Summer 2020 Housing Application Opens Monday, March 9 at 10 am
Summer 2020 Housing Application Deadline Friday, April 10 at 11:59 pm
Summer 2020 Move-In: By Appointment Only  Monday, May 4 – Friday, May 8 and Monday, May 11
(check out of spring housing on Monday, May 11 by noon)
Summer Student Fall 2020 Move-In Friday, July 24 between 9 am - noon
Summer 2020 Move-Out* Monday, July 27 by noon
Location Roadrunner Apartments
Cost $1,650 for single occupancy
Meal Plans (optional) $250 or $500

*Summer 2020 students with no Fall 2020 housing reservation will be required to move out of summer housing by Monday, July 27 at noon.

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