Public Safety

Your safety, and the safety of all students, faculty, staff and guests at our campus and satellite locations, is a top priority. Grand Canyon University (GCU) takes steps to protect you, all visitors and our properties—campus, residential halls, satellite locations and arena—24 hours a day.

Our Department of Public Safety has established policies to maximize your safety by:

  • Restricting parking access and issuing identifying decals for all cars parked on campus
  • Controlling access points to campus
  • Offering an Incident Awareness System with access to resources to help you recognize and respond to a potential security event
  • Increasing security measures at all major events to include monitoring parking, bag searches, use of metal detectors and other resources as needed
  • Establishing a campus patrolled by a sworn police department

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AlertGCU is used to communicate time-sensitive information during an emergency to the campus community. Get the latest information from Public Safety about what is going on around campus and in our local neighborhood.

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Contact Information

In the event of an emergency, call 911.

For assistance while at a GCU location, call 602-639-8100 from any phone.

For non-emergency, general questions and more information email the GCU Police Department at [email protected].


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Surviving an Active Shooter

Prepare yourself to survive an active shooting event by watching the FBI-sponsored video "RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. ® Surviving an Active Shooting Event."

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File a Missing Person's Report

If you believe a student, faculty or staff member or visitor has gone missing from campus, call the Department of Public Safety at 602-639-8100.

Lost and Found

Get details about reporting or claiming items by visiting the Department of Public Safety on the first floor of the Grove Parking Garage or calling us at 602-639-8100.

Incident Reporting System — TIPS

The online TIPS reporting tool allows you to confidentially report a suspicious event, criminal activity, bullying, harassment or potential risk that may require a safety officer’s intervention.

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Public Safety Measures

GCU prioritizes your safety, as well as the safety of all students, faculty and staff. To help promote a thriving GCU campus community, the Department of Public Safety has instituted safety measures and guidelines that help to keep our campus secure.


Parking Privileges and Parking Decals

GCU students, faculty and staff must have a parking permit to park on campus. Purchase your pass online or in the Student Union. Learn more about our parking permits, regulations and restrictions. 

View Parking Policies

Vehicle Problems

If you are having vehicle problems on campus, GCU’s Department of Public Safety can help by providing water or air for your vehicle, or other reasonable assistance as needed. Call 602-639-8100 for assistance.

Safety Escort Program

The Department of Public Safety provides an escort to your car or mobile transport for individuals with disabilities and medical issues. To request an escort or transport, call 602-639-8100 and provide your name, location and destination.

Emergency Blue Light Phones

If there is a safety concern or suspicious activity you need to report, use the blue light phones that can be found around campus. The phone pole flashes to signal distress. Safety officers always respond to campus emergencies.

GCU wants to ensure our students’ safety by having a process in place to intervene if someone is trying to harm themselves. If you suspect a student may try to harm themselves, contact [email protected]

R.A.V.E. Emergency Text Notification

As a GCU campus student, you will be added to GCU’s notification alert system and receive texts if there is a campus emergency that may affect you. Confirm with your student services counselor that we have your current contact information.

GCU Student ID Cards

All GCU students are responsible for obtaining a GCU student ID card that must be carried at all times while on campus or at GCU facilities. The GCU Department of Public Safety has the right to request your GCU student ID at any time.

Visitor Access

If you bring a guest to campus, you are responsible for making relevant university policies and regulations known to your guest, and you must accept the responsibility for their conduct during their visit.

GCU has a Zero Tolerance Policy as it relates to violations of university policies and the law. Arizona laws, specifically regarding marijuana use, are stricter than many states. Students, faculty and staff are expected to be knowledgeable of the laws.


Increased security measures have been put in place to ensure guest safety at events held on GCU's campus. This may include bag searches, use of metal detectors and other resources as needed. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Active Threats Training

Led by instructor Police Officer Steven Blasko, participants learn various defensive tactics to protect themselves from an attacker. For more information, contact [email protected].

Fire Safety and Education for College Students

Know the risk factors for fires, as well as university and student responsibilities for fire safety. For more information about fire safety on campus, take a look at the FEMA Campus Fire Safety brochure. 

View Safety Brochure

GCU Police Department

GCU's certified police officers receive the same training as officers from city or county police agencies in Arizona, including background checks, polygraphs, psychological evaluations, physical tests and proficiency tests on firearms, Arizona laws and other procedural matters.

Consumer Information

Consumer information reports are compiled by GCU to help ensure we are meeting our high standards and to provide information about our university to the general public. Explore our reports and scorecards for more information.


Annual Fire Safety Report

The Higher Learning Commission requires colleges that have on-campus student living facilities to publish an annual report about fire protection measures and results. Review GCU's report. 

Annual Security Report

GCU's Department of Public Safety publishes this report to inform the community about campus security policies and initiatives to prevent and respond to crime on campus. Read our Annual Security Report. 

Title IX

GCU prohibits sex-based discrimination and harassment by full compliance with Title IX. Learn about GCU’s commitment to maintaining an academic environment where members of the GCU community can fully access and benefit from the University’s programs and activities.

Safety Tips

Public Safety wants members of the GCU community to understand the importance of taking safety precautions both on and off campus.

  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Walk with friends.
  • At night, walk in well-lit paths.
  • Carry a charged cell phone and keep Public Safety's number stored as a contact (602-639-8100).
  • Learn the locations of the emergency blue light phones on campus, and use the blue light phone to signal distress or other safety concern.
  • If you have a safety concern, you can contact Public Safety to request a safety escort.