Spiritual Life

The Department of Spiritual Life supports the entire student body by providing opportunities for spiritual leadership and discipleship, holding weekly worship services, offering global and local outreach ministry opportunities and facilitating weekly small group Bible studies. The Spiritual Life staff helps the Grand Canyon University (GCU) community grow in a personal relationship with God through an active faith in Jesus Christ.

Contact Spiritual Life

[email protected]

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Spiritual Life is to serve the GCU community from a Christian perspective. Spiritual Life carries out this mission as staff develop and train student leaders to minister to the university, local and global communities. 

Our Vision

  • We will teach the Word of God
  • We will train student leaders to mobilize the GCU student body to serve diverse communities
  • We will foster a culture of student-led ministry
  • We will prepare student worship team to lead the GCU community in praise and worship

Pastor’s Message

Pastor Tim Griffin is GCU's dean of students and university pastor. You can see Pastor Tim all around campus, from Chapel services to basketball games.

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Prayer Requests

GCU Spiritual Life and/or our staff chaplain would love to pray for you! Please click the appropriate button below to send your prayer request.

Chapel and The Gathering

GCU desires to come alongside you as you navigate through the college experience. Whether you are here for one semester or four years, our hope is to provide opportunities for you to explore who Jesus is, grow in a relationship with Him and ultimately become a co-laborer with Christ.

GCU offers weekly Chapel and The Gathering services where staff, faculty and students come together to worship, hear God's Word and connect with one another.

Watch Chapel Live

Unable to make it to Chapel? Stream it live on Mondays, starting at 11:15 am. Hear uplifting music from the worship team, feel inspiration from the weekly speakers and connect with God during these weekly services.

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GCU Worship Team

The GCU Worship Team is comprised of students with tremendous musical ability and a passion to serve God with their talents. GCU currently has three student bands that lead our campus in worship at Chapel and The Gathering services.

Like our Life Leader and outreach scholarships, Worship Team scholarship applications are posted in December for current traditional students. If you are interested, or if you want to learn more, contact the Department of Spiritual Life at 602-639-6750 or [email protected].

Life Groups

GCU offers weekly student-led small groups called Life Groups in every living area. A Life Group offers a place for you to form relationships, build community and grow spiritually as you study the Bible with other students.

The Life Group program is overseen by GCU staff who train and support student leaders, called Life Leaders, to facilitate small groups. Life Leaders teach and lead their Life Groups, and are available for prayer, spiritual counsel and support.

View Frequently Asked Questions

View Frequently Asked Questions

The mission of Life Groups is to develop Christian leaders and teach the Bible to the GCU community. This is accomplished through one-on-one mentoring and student-led small group Bible studies. Our vision is to see you come to a greater knowledge of Christ, living sacrificially to further His Kingdom.

Life Leader Values

Life Leaders hold these values as foundational for accomplishing our mission:

  • Preparation - Prioritizing personal study and devotional time, ongoing education and leadership training
  • Christian Community - Exhibiting the fruits of the Spirit, local church involvement and integration with other leadership groups on campus
  • Stewardship - Honoring God by how we manage our material and non-material resources
  • Consistency - Keeping commitments and following through


Student Ministries Small Group Schedule:

Life Groups
Student-led Bible studies that take place in residence halls on campus.

First Name Last Name Meeting Day Meeting Time Building Apartment/Room Number
Jarod Lovekamp Monday 5 pm Acacia 117
Kamaile Conant Monday 6 pm Acacia 510
Kirsten Walker Monday 6 pm Acacia 607
Elizabeth McMillan Tuesday 6:30pm Acacia 409
Mashal Jones Wednesday 6 pm Acacia 319
Lauren Knott Wednesday 6 pm Acacia 509
Allison Kilough Wednesday 6:30 pm Acacia 419
Rebekah Seeger Wednesday 7 pm Acacia 609
Lauren Knott Wednesday 7:30 pm Acacia 509
Cassandra McGehee Wednesday 7:30 pm Acacia 309
Emmalee Bailey Thursday 6:30 pm Acacia 307
Alexandra Caldwell Thursday 7 pm Acacia 619
Connor Koenig Monday 7 pm Agave 233
Sarah Pyle Tuesday 7 pm Agave 602
Mashal Jones Wednesday 6 pm Agave 319
Macy Edwards Wednesday 6:30 pm Agave 433
Allison Killough Wednesday 6:30 pm Agave 419
Rebekah Seeger Wednesday 7 pm Agave 609
Lauren Knott Wednesday 7:30 pm Agave 509
Cassandra McGehee Wednesday 7:30 pm Agave 309
Caleb Emma Thursday 7 pm Agave 128
Aria Geaslen Thursday 7 pm Agave 402
Jessica Holder Thursday 7 pm Agave 502
Tanner Marks Thursday 7:30 pm Agave 202
Jessica Landes Tuesday 7 pm Antelope 433
Alexis Romero Wednesday 7 pm Antelope 602
Meghan Peterson Thursday 6:30 pm Antelope 402
Derek Mejia Monday 6 pm Cactus 233
Asa Jaeger Tuesday 6 pm Cactus 202
Anna Woolf Tuesday 7 pm Cactus 633
Molly Frisinger Thursday 6:30 pm Cactus 505
Levi Erickson Monday 6 pm Camelback 113
Mack Horn Monday 7 pm Camelback 219
Lexy Hernandez Tuesday 6 pm Camelback 413
Hanna Novy Tuesday 7 pm Camelback 525
Cassidy Hunt Wednesday 6:30 pm Camelback 319
Skylar Hattfield Thursday 6 pm Camelback 505
Taryn Nellermoe Thursday 7:30 pm Camelback 305
Alexa Baysinger Monday 6 pm Chaparral 425
Brett Makovic Tuesday 5 pm Chaparral 225
Annie Noland Tuesday 6 pm Chaparral 525
Melodi Hutchinson Wednesday 7 pm Chaparral 505
Michael Schmidt Thursday 5:30 pm Chaparral 205
Austin Maranto Monday 6 pm Diamondback 233
Kailey Felkins Tuesday 6 pm Diamondback 302
Matthew Osuna Tuesday 6 pm Diamondback 102
Amry Orea Wednesday 6:30 pm Diamondback 402
Amber Simonson Wednesday 7 pm Diamondback 433
Jesse Wilch Thursday 5 pm Diamondback 202
Kyla Kingery Thursday 7 pm Diamondback 602
Sophie Walker Thursday 7 pm Diamondback 633
Josiah Brown Monday 6:30 pm Encanto 128
Kaylee Murphy Monday 8 pm Encanto 316
Kyra Hobaica Tuesday 5:30 pm Encanto Lounge in short hall
Bethany Clesceri Tuesday 6:30 pm Encanto 416
Courtney Welker Tuesday 6:30 pm Encanto 502
Rebecca McCune Tuesday 6:30 pm Encanto 302
Christine Foley Wednesday 7 pm Encanto 402
Hannah Abbatacola Monday 6 pm Ironwood 307
Juliet Hurtado Monday 6 pm Ironwood 409
Brooke Sutherland Monday 6:30 pm Ironwood 309
Brooke Chytil Monday 7 pm Ironwood 509
Tyler Boyd Tuesday 6 pm Ironwood 109
Izabelle Gurley Wednesday 5 pm Ironwood 529
Hope Freeman Wednesday 6:30 pm Ironwood 607
Vanessa Viggers Wednesday 6 pm Ironwood 407
William Bierer Wednesday 6 pm Ironwood 207
Bryn Divine Thursday 6 pm Ironwood 507
Joy Graham Thursday 7 pm Ironwood 425
Trevor Mikulin Tuesday 7 pm Jerome 302
Isabella  Miller Wednesday 6 pm Jerome 433
Sophie Fortunato Wednesday 7:30 pm Jerome 602
Grace Holverson Thursday 5:30 pm Jerome 402
Katelyn Esbenshade Thursday 7 pm Jerome 633
Rae Westlake Friday 4:30 pm Jerome 502
Kailee McKeon Monday 6:30 pm Juniper 509
Elise Pear Monday 6:30 pm Juniper 328
Megan Tonkinson Tuesday 5: 30 pm Juniper 609
Seth Windle Tuesday 6 pm Juniper 228
Megan Tonkinson Tuesday 6 pm Juniper 609
Seth Windle Tuesday 6 pm Juniper 228
Zaynah Burton Tuesday 6:30pm Juniper 628
Noah Logan Wednesday 5 pm Juniper 205
Mikayla Perez Wednesday 6 pm Juniper 309
Victoria Heyman Wednesday 6:30 pm Juniper 309
Joshua Gillespie Wednesday 6:30 pm Juniper 109
Emily McGee Wednesday 6:30 pm Juniper 607
Jenna Miller Wednesday 7 pm Juniper 528
Beth Grassmann Thursday 7 pm Juniper 307
Maia Hicks Thursday 7 pm Juniper 409
Abenezer Gebrehiwot Thursday 7:30 pm Juniper 135
Reagan Terpstra Thursday 7:30 pm Juniper 209
Allanah Collins Wednesday 7 pm NRA 229
Paydon McCormick Thursday 7 pm NRA 223
Mikayla Suba Wednesday 7 pm NRA Bldg. 2 238
Samantha Johnson Monday 7 pm NRA Bldg. 5 238
Andrea Broyles Wednesday 6 pm NRA Bldg. 7 209
Grant Jones Monday 7 pm NRA Bldg. 8 119
Torie Strand Monday 5 pm Ocotillo 525
Alexis Kaminsky Monday 5 pm Ocotillo 425
Thomas MacLean Tuesday 6 pm Ocotillo 319
Jackson Anderson Wednesday 6:30 pm Ocotillo 125
Nathanael Conn Wednesday 6:30 pm Ocotillo 305
Chris Gallagher Wednesday 6:30 pm Ocotillo 225
Caleb Symons Monday 6 pm Palo Verde 128
Morgen Stradley Monday 6:30 pm Palo Verde 502
Judiann Mcmahon Monday 7 pm Palo Verde 433
Jeremy Parker Tuesday 6 pm Palo Verde 233
Christiana Hurtado Tuesday 6:30 pm Palo Verde 633
Stevie Islas Wednesday 6:30 pm Palo Verde 402
Shelby Coombe Wednesday 7 pm Palo Verde 302
Ryan Phillbrook Wednesday 7 pm Palo Verde 216
Stevie Islas Thursday 6 pm Palo Verde 402
Chloe German Tuesday 6:30 pm Papago 47 308
Joe Hendry Tuesday 6:30 pm Papago 47 208
Caleb Chariker Wednesday 6 pm Papago 47 138
Carly Foley Wednesday 6:30 pm Papago 47 417
Michayla Van Hemert Wednesday 7 pm Papago 47 317
Haelee Norton Thursday 7 pm Papago 47 508
Becca Severud Thursday 7:30 pm Papago 47 408
Benjamin Peterson Monday 7 pm Papago 48 202
Thalia Rodriguez Tuesday 5 pm Papago 48 502
Katie Hildenbrand Monday 6:30 pm Prescott 425
Nathan Murrell Monday 6:30 pm Prescott 219
Andi Dumaplin Monday 7:40 pm Prescott 319
Jordan Sattler Tuesday 6 pm Prescott 105
Gabriel Geselle Thursday 6 pm Prescott 413
Victoria Davenport Thursday 7 pm Prescott 405
Rachel Tiffany Thursday 7 pm Prescott 505
Chloe Graham Thursday 5 pm Prescott 325
Gabriel Geselle Thursday 6 pm Prescott 413
Rhiannon Horn Monday 5:30 pm Roadrunner 331
Andrew Faitz Tuesday 6 pm Roadrunner 128
Robert Gribble Wednesday 6 pm Roadrunner 2nd Foor Laundry Lounge
Rosalie Michael Wednesday 7 pm Roadrunner 531
Kassidy Shryock Wednesday 7 pm Roadrunner 633
Azia Deckwa Wednesday 7 pm Roadrunner 433
Joshua Luna Thursday 5 pm Roadrunner 102
Azia Deckwa Wednesday 7 pm Roadrunner 433
Rosalie Michael Wednesday 7 pm Roadrunner 531
Gillian Neufeld Wednesday 7 pm Roadrunner 416
Samantha Barradale Tuesday 6 pm Saguaro 405
Ryan Peach Wednesday 5 pm Saguaro 105
Nathan Self Wednesday 6 pm Saguaro 219
Summer Ramirez Wednesday 7 pm Saguaro 425
Katey Rea Wednesday 7:30 pm Saguaro 413
Dominic Pellegrino Thursday 6 pm Saguaro 105
Favour Anieh Thursday 6 pm Saguaro 525
Stephan Cattermole Thursday 7 pm Saguaro 305
Samantha Bennett Monday 6 pm Sedona 413
Olivia Mullin Tuesday 5:30 pm Sedona 405
Dawson Dupree Tuesday 5:30 pm Sedona 405
Carson Cruz Tuesday 7 pm Sedona 105
Izabela Fogarasi Wednesday 6 pm Sedona 425
Brooke Orrill Wednesday 6 pm Sedona 515
Brooke Orrill Wednesday 6 pm Sedona 515
Olivia Mullin Thursday 5:30 pm Sedona 405
Noelle Alexander Monday 6 pm Sonora 433
Andrew Drinnon Monday 6 pm Sonora 216
Steven Ailport Monday 6:30 pm Sonora 102
Diana Sapron Monday 6:30 pm Sonora 602
Kelby Aldridge Tuesday 5:30 pm Sonora 633
Praise Olowokere Tuesday 6 pm Sonora 302
Austyn Wild Tuesday 6:30 pm Sonora 128
Anne Good Wednesday 7 pm Sonora 402
Grace Heisler Monday 6 pm Willow 109
Victoria Ramsey Monday 6:30 pm Willow 209
Matt Tomovich Monday 7 pm Willow 502
Kaitlyn Pressley Monday 7 pm Willow 309
Isabel Hansemann Monday 8:30 pm Willow 117
Preston Tessari Tuesday 5 pm Willow 603
Morgan Greenlee Tuesday 5:30 pm Willow 302
Mackenzie Rapier Tuesday 6 pm Willow 233
Danielle Jones Wednesday 7 pm Willow 333
Raeleen Castro Wednesday 7 pm Willow 435
Danielle Ramirez Thursday 7 pm Willow 409



Commuter Life Groups
Student-led Bible studies that are made available for students who do not live on campus.

First Name Last Name Meeting Day Meeting Time Building Apartment/Room Number
Matthew Gregory Tuesday 7:30 pm Bldg. 26 Life Leader Lounge Room 110
Alexis Newberg Thursday 5:45 pm Bldg. 26 Life Leader Lounge Room 110
Ivan Sandrali Friday 11 am Bldg. 26 Life Leader Lounge Room 110
Jessica Howell Friday 12:30 pm Bldg. 26 Life Leader Lounge Room 110


GCU Hope

Welcome to GCU Hope. We hope these videos and passages provide spiritual direction and encouragement for you. GCU Hope gives you the ability to view various mini messages for daily inspiration and provides resources to connect you with the GCU community. Utilize this support system to find resources, share your story or submit a prayer request.

Passages of Comfort

Read through passages that help comfort you during times of anger, anxiety, sorrow or doubt. Browse through our YouTube Channel to listen to Pastor Tim speak on each topic.

Read Passages

Share Your Story

Would you like to share your own inspirational story? Send your written or video story to [email protected]

Trending Faith

Have questions about a passage in Scripture? Want to know the Christian view on a certain subject? Ask Pastor Tim Griffin and College of Theology Dean Jason Hiles. Every week, they answer a new question from the GCU community. Get involved by using #TrendingFaith or by emailing your questions to [email protected].

Doctrinal Statement

GCU's Doctrinal Statement is the foundation for all that we believe in the Department of Spiritual Life and across our campus community. Inspired by the Nicene Creed, the Doctrinal Statement outlines our commitment to the full inspiration of Scripture and its authority as God's word.

Faith, Learning and Work

At GCU, we are committed to upholding our Christian mission in all we do. The integration of faith, learning and work is the scholarly process of joining knowledge of God with learning and work in order to promote a greater understanding of our world. 

Local Outreach

The GCU Department of Spiritual Life offers numerous opportunities to participate in Local Outreach programs, from Serve the City to Canyon Kids. These projects allow you to minister and give back to your local neighborhood and community, making the area around GCU a better place while providing you the opportunity to live out the gospel.

Stop by the Office of Spiritual Life in Building 26 to get started.

Canyon Kids
Children in our neighborhood are invited to Little Canyon Park for Bible stories, games and crafts. Volunteers have the opportunity to mentor and form spiritual relationships with kids from the community.

Colter Commons
Minister to the elderly living in Colter Commons, the apartment complex on Colter Street. This is a chance to build relationships, laugh and connect with their residents.

Changing Lives Center
This ministry focuses specifically on women and children who have escaped an abusive home or found refuge from the dangers of living homeless. Students help lead worship services and Bible studies for children (ages 3-12).

Dream Center Tutoring and Family Meal
The Dream Center Tutoring and Family Meal is a wing of St. Vincent de Paul where low-income families come for evening meals. Students serve evening meals or work with children to tutor them and help with homework.

Hope Wing
Students host Bible studies and relationship-building activities for young women who have been sex trafficked or suffered abuse.

Neighborhood Ministry
This ministry aims to be the presence of Jesus Christ, sharing his life-transforming hope, love and power among distressed families of urban Phoenix to ignite their passion for God and His Kingdom.

OCJ Kids
Volunteers work in group homes for foster kids ranging from 6 months to 15 years old to plan educational activities and be a consistent presence in their lives.

Prison Transition Ministry
Volunteers host Bible studies and work with men who have recently transitioned out of prison and are involved in a two-year discipleship program.

Serve the City/Habitat for Humanity
Serve the City is an opportunity for the GCU body to come together once a semester to bless others in the community through painting projects, yard work, gardening, sorting clothes and much more as we partner with Habitat for Humanity.

Students help with counseling classes, spend time with the girls and plan monthly events for the participants at Streetlight USA, which houses teenage girls who are at risk or have been sex trafficked in Phoenix.

Youth Prison Ministry
Volunteers host Bible studies and sports events with teenagers in juvenile detention.



Global Outreach

Global Outreach offers you the opportunity to experience God's heart for the nations. Global mission trips represent the chance to join a team and go to a variety of locations overseas. You can also engage in global ministry throughout the school year in Global Outreach groups and globally focused ministries.

Interested in learning more about global outreach and applying for mission trips? Contact us to learn more.

GO Nights
GO Nights ministry is a community of students with a passion for the nations and learning more about God's heart for the nations. This ministry exists to provide engaging events and campaigns so that you can connect with campus ministry opportunities. GO Nights seeks to bridge the gap between the student population and the Office of Spiritual Life, thus connecting you to your called field of serving.

Global Connect
The Global Connect team would love to support you in your journey towards full-time ministry, whether that means aiding organizational partnerships, praying for your mission or helping to plug you in to global outreach opportunities. Do you want to be a full-time worker domestic or abroad? Do you have a heart for missions but not sure how to get connected? The Global Connect team would love to meet and hear your story.

Global Tour
The Global Tour ministry hosts several four-week small group gatherings to expose you to the realities of the world and God's Great Commission. Our desire is for you to get your "feet wet." With Global Tour, you will have your eyes and heart open to biblical knowledge of God's heart for the nations, form community and friendships, interact with international students and understand a glimpse of field realities.

Global Training Project
The Global Training Project is a year-long training that enables you to reach the nations from home and abroad. You will cultivate a passion for Jesus, his Kingdom and making disciples while learning about realities in the field and preparing to launch into full-time ministry.

International Student Ministry
International Student Ministry is an on-campus ministry devoted to GCU students from around the world. Our goal is to enhance life experiences and build community with international students. We host an event, sometimes two, each month both on and off campus in order to build lasting friendships between international and national students. Our events range from BBQ's to driving to Flagstaff for a winter snow day.

Prayer Ministry
Prayer Ministry is focused on encouraging students and staff to embrace a lifestyle of prayer. This ministry hosts various campus-wide prayer events like Pray for the Nations, 24/7 Prayer Week and more. In addition, the prayer team offers weekly opportunities for you to engage in prayer with fellow students. Email [email protected] for more information.

Refugee Ministry:
The Refugee Ministry exists to serve migrant families who resettled here in Phoenix at the Phoenician Palms apartment complex. We provide a variety of services for these families:

  • Children's Ministry: This ministry is similar to Canyon Kids but geared specifically towards refugee children. Volunteers teach Bible stories, play games, participate in crafts and provide fun, engaging events for kids and families to build community while developing relationships. 
  • Tutoring: With several refugee families resettling in Phoenix and placing children in school knowing little to no English, tutoring is a necessity. Along with providing educational assistance, volunteers mentor and form relationships with children and their families.
  • Youth Ministry: Volunteers intentionally target the youth at the Phoenician Palms to develop friendships and mentoring relationships while fostering community among the youth through weekly gatherings and various influential events.


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Mission Trips

Students interested in mission trips may apply directly through missions organizations or churches and follow their procedures (deadlines, trainings, policies, etc.).

The Narrow Path

In May 2014, several GCU students traveled to Honduras on one of our global outreach trips. Their mission? To help bring hope and spread the word of God to the people of Honduras. During their three-week mission, these young women taught in elementary school classrooms, visited a local children's home, spent time with the women and children in the villages and held Bible studies in the women's prison.

We invite you to take the journey with our students on the Narrow Path as they immerse themselves in the beautiful culture of Honduras. Begin your journey by watching the trailer for The Narrow Path: Honduras.

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