College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Grand Canyon University's (GCU) College of Humanities and Social Sciences provides a job-focused education, with an emphasis on helping you develop intellectual creativity and innovation. Study the humanities in a modern context, hone your critical thinking skills and prepare for a purposeful career in a field you love.

The college offers programs in a variety of disciplines, including counseling and psychology, history, justice studies, government and more. Degree programs are available on campus, online and in evening formats to help you advance your education. Learn more about our college and your opportunities to earn your degree.

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Office of Field Experience

Practicum Placement Assistance

If your educational path is leading to a career in the dynamic counseling field, practicum experience is a requirement for you to graduate and become licensed. During a master's degree program, you have the opportunity to put theory into practice as you perform supervised work in approved clinical environments. Some states also require bachelor's degree program graduates to get field experience. Please check with the state where you intend to practice to see if a practicum is required.

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Grant Writing Certificate

GCU offers a certificate program in grant writing to provide students with the knowledge, experience and qualifications necessary to write grants in a variety of industries. Grant writing is an important skill used in many careers, though most often associated with work in nonprofit or fundraising contexts.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

The certificate program includes the completion of a full grant proposal which is submitted to a real sponsor, so students have a completed project to include in a resume or portfolio. The experience gained through the program is applicable in a wide variety of positions and classes in the program allow students to develop skills which are useful in all types of professional writing.

Letters, Numbers, Minds & Voices

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Uncover new views about the human experience by reading our blog, Letters, Numbers, Minds and Voices, written by College of Humanities and Social Sciences' students, faculty and staff.

Sociology/Social Work Review

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Sociology/Social Work Review is filled with students’ writings of their experiential learning. This experiential learning process demonstrates the intersect of sociology and social work knowledge and the student’s social experience. Discover students’ creative writing with the latest volume.

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