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For acceptance into select programs at Grand Canyon University (GCU), you may be required to complete an audition process. Auditions not only allow department leaders to gauge your level of skill and experience, but are also used as a basis for awarding scholarships. Requirements vary by program. Explore the information below to learn more about the auditions process for the College of Theology and the College of Fine Arts and Production.

College of Theology

Center for Worship Arts

Auditions in the primary area of study (voice or instrumental) are required for students interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Worship Arts with an Emphasis in Worship Ministry through the College of Theology's Center for Worship Arts. The audition process ensures you have a sufficient level of musical skill and aptitude to be successful in the worship ministry emphasis.

Audition Process for Center for Worship Arts

Audition assessment focuses on intonation and pitch, rhythm, musicality, tone and improvisation. Prior music theory training and experience in performance are not required for admission as they are taught within the curriculum.

  • Vocalists: Sing a capella or with light accompaniment
  • Instrumentalists/vocalists: Play and sing
  • Instrumentalists: Consider an instrumental solo (with or without accompaniment), a classical piece, a popular song or any example you think best showcases your style and skill

Submit two different online videos or recordings of you performing two different worship songs, genre of your choice. The songs can be covers, originals or a combination of both. The videos should feature you using your primary instrument and showcase your style and skill. Evaluations assess the quality of your musicality, not the quality of the recording or video.

Center for Worship Arts Audition Registration Form

Fill out and submit the Center for Worship Arts Audition Registration Form to complete your audition. For more information, contact your student services advisor.

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GCU Recording Studio

The new GCU Recording Studio was designed to build communities and inspire the next generation of worship leaders by providing creative outlets to express, collaborate and share their passion. The space features two studios, in addition to rehearsal rooms equipped with instruments, microphones and personal monitoring systems. Studio A includes a recording room, four isolation booths and a control room, in addition to instruments and amplifiers. All spaces have double-wall construction, two layers of drywall and acoustic paneling to absorb acoustics and prevent sound leakage.

College of Fine Arts and Production

The audition process is dependent on your selected major. The following Bachelor of Arts programs offered by the College of Fine Arts and Production require an audition to declare a major in:

Please note that you must apply to GCU and be a declared College of Fine Arts and Production student to register for an audition. For specific program requirements, see details below. The audition process is also used as a basis for awarding scholarships. Scholarship performance monies are awarded on a first-come, first served basis as applicants are reviewed. If you wish to minor in dance, theatre or music, an audition is not required. To complete your audition, fill out and submit the registration form that corresponds with your major below.

Auditions are also required for the Thundering Heard Pep Band. To complete your audition, fill out and submit the Pep Band Audition Registration Form. A major or minor in music or music education is NOT required to audition for the Thundering Heard Pep Band or accompanying scholarships.

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Audition Process for Dance and Dance Education Majors

Auditions are required to declare the dance or dance education major. In order to be eligible for scholarship consideration, students who attend a live audition or submit materials online should prepare a goal essay, headshot and a dance resume. For live attendees, liability waivers are also required. Letters of recommendation are optional.

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Audition Process for Music and Music Education Majors

Auditions are required to declare any music or music education major, and you will be evaluated on your skills and knowledge related to performing and music theory. The first step in this process is to complete an online music theory assessment, reviewing basic music notation.

This assessment is only able to be taken twice, with 30 days between each attempt. Complete the assessment below. 

Music Theory Assessment

Music students are required to audition for acceptance into the program. A live audition is preferred for scholarship consideration, which is also awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Audition Process for Theatre Majors

Entrance into the theatre education and theatre and drama programs requires audition or interview. The audition process requires two contrasting monologues from published plays. Although we suggest a Shakespearean monologue, it is not required.

Theatre students are required to submit a digital audition video URL for acceptance into the program. For scholarship opportunities, all incoming students must register for a live audition.

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For more information, contact:
Michael Kary 

Digital Submission Audition Requirements

All students may apply for admission by submitting a video URL. Auditions will be reviewed on the 15th of each month. Notification will occur seven to 10 business days after review.