North Rim Apartments

North Rim Apartments, remodeled fall 2011, provide apartment-style living in three different floor plans, each including fully equipped kitchens. Floor plans by unit feature; A: one-bedroom, one-bathroom shared by two students, B: two-bedroom, one-bathroom shared by three students and C: two-bedroom, two-bathroom shared by four students.

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A Style: One bedroom, one bathroom, double occupancy (limited)

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B Style: Two bedroom, one bathroom, single and double occupancy

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C Style: Two bedroom, two bathroom, double occupancy


  • Spacious recreational courtyard
  • Large community laundry facility
  • Charcoal barbeques

What's Included

  • Twin extra-long bed and mattress per student
  • Refrigerator and freezer, oven with electric stove top, microwave and dishwasher in kitchen
  • A-Style: One desk provided per room
  • B-Style: One desk provided in double occupancy (large room)
    • No desk provided in single occupancy (small bedroom)
  • C-Style: One desk provided per room

Approximate Dimensions

  • A and C Units
    • Bedrooms: 10.5' x 9'
    • Living Room: 13' x 12'
    • Dining Area: 8' x 7'
    • Closets: 4' x 5'
  • B Units
    • Bedroom: 9' x 10.5' (Single Occupancy), 12' x 11.5' (Double Occupancy)
    • Living Room: 10.8' x 14.5'
    • Dining Area: 8' x 7'
    • Closets: 4' x 5'
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