Clubs and Organizations

Grand Canyon University (GCU) features a variety of clubs and organizations to help you engage with student life for a fulfilling college experience. Join an academic club, pursue an honors program or volunteer across local and global communities. Network with professionals and get a head start on new career opportunities. From club sports to film festivals to innovation competitions, achieving has never been so enjoyable.

The clubs and organizations below are organized by areas of interest. However, all clubs and organizations, except for honors societies, are open to all students, regardless of major or college. Contact the club officers or advisor to learn more about meeting times and your opportunities to get involved.

Interested in Starting a Club?

Visit the Office of Student Engagement or email [email protected] for more information. 

Learn more about all GCU Clubs and Organizations and view a complete list:

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Academic and Honor Societies

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These clubs grow your academic engagement and knowledge outside of the classroom.

Career and Pre-Professional

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These clubs allow students to grow outside of the classroom in their desired professions with résumé boosters and hands-on experience.

Community and Volunteer

These clubs are involved with volunteering and giving back to the community.


These clubs allow students to connect and learn about cultures around the world.


These clubs allow students to learn and grow more in their faith.

Outreach and Governmental

These clubs educate others about global, environmental and governmental issues occurring in the world today.

Performance, Visual and Fine Arts

These clubs build creative skills and allow students to showcase their talents in various performance mediums.


These clubs are a way to meet others who share common interests outside of academia.

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