Obtaining a Parking Permit

All students must register their vehicle and secure the appropriate permit if they want to park on campus. Save time by purchasing your parking permit online and paying with a credit card. Parking permits are issued for a specific lot; they must be displayed on the lower portion of the driver's side windshield and visible at all times. Purchase your parking permit today.

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About Parking Permits

  • Permits may be transferred and used on more than one vehicle, but cannot be used on more than one vehicle at a time. You are responsible for your permit at all times. When transferring your permit to another vehicle, the vehicle information must be entered into the parking management system.
  • Stolen permits cost $10 to $50 to replace. A police report describing forcible entry must be presented before a stolen permit will be replaced.
  • Permit replacement or exchanges, at the request of the owner, will be charged an exchange fee of $10 to $50.
  • All permits are the property of Grand Canyon University and must be surrendered upon separation or at the request of the university. Permits are not to be given, resold or transferred to another individual.
  • Only one type of permit will be assigned to a vehicle. 
  • Anyone providing false information is subject to referral to the Office of Student Affairs, loss of any future permit privileges and forfeiture of permit fee, and may be subject to criminal charges. An additional fine may be assessed for a fraudulently obtained permit. The Department of Public Safety reserves the right to request additional documentation to verify address, affiliation and vehicle registration.
  • A handicapped parking permit used by someone other than the student to whom it was issued may be revoked.


Motorcycles and Motor Scooters

All motorcycles and motorized scooters are required to have a permit and park in the designated areas corresponding to the permit. Violators are subject to fines and impoundment. Motorcycle or scooter owners who want an automobile permit must purchase a second permit.

Temporary Permits

You can obtain a temporary permit at Campus Operations if you need to drive a borrowed car to campus. Present your GCU student ID and automobile information. There is no charge for a temporary permit if you are an annual permit holder. The temporary permit is good for 21 calendar days; see Campus Operations if you need a permit for longer than 21 days.

Temporary Handicapped Parking Permits

Students who are disabled on a temporary basis must contact Student Disability Services and provide documentation from their treating physician to support their need for a temporary handicapped parking permit.

Registration and Fee Payment Method

  • Students, faculty and staff must register for their parking permit online. If you do not have access to a computer or the Internet, visit the Campus Operations office.
  • Permits are issued on an annual basis, covering the entire academic school year.
  • Students who need access to handicapped spaces must have a handicapped placard or plate and provide the appropriate documentation to Student Disability Services.

Refund Policy

  • A student pays in full for a permit and leaves GCU during the first three weeks of the term will be eligible to receive a refund if the permit is returned. Contact Campus Operations to request a refund.
  • For students that graduate in December, a refund may be requested for half of the permit cost. Contact the Campus Operations office at 602-639-6527 to request a refund prior to the last day of January following graduation.
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