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Parking and Traffic Rules

The following regulations are prepared and distributed to assist individuals who plan to operate and/or park motor vehicles on Grand Canyon University (GCU) property, or property that has been secured by GCU for the purposes of providing parking availability. There is a continuing effort to provide the highest level of service to ensure the safest and most efficient use of university parking resources. Handicapped parking spaces and fire lanes will be enforced 24 hours a day by GCU's Department of Public Safety and the Phoenix Police Department.


Motor vehicle operators are responsible for knowing and following GCU's parking laws and regulations. You can expect reasonable privacy regarding vehicles and personal property contained in the vehicles when parked on campus. However, GCU public safety officers may access and inspect student vehicles without permission when reasonable suspicion exists that a violation of university regulations or federal, state or local laws may take place or has taken place. All ordinances of the City of Phoenix related to traffic which are not in conflict with or inconsistent with these regulations are enforced.



GCU assumes no legal responsibility or liability for any theft, loss of property, vandalism, accidents or damages while a vehicle is on university-controlled property. The GCU Department of Public Safety strongly recommends and encourages the removal of all items of value from your vehicle to help prevent theft or loss of property.

Anyone who operates a vehicle on the GCU campus or properties under its control for educational or residential purposes agrees to:

  • Obtain, read and abide by the GCU parking rules and regulations.
  • Possess a current and valid driver’s license from their respective state.
  • Maintain current licenses, registrations and insurance for their vehicle per their state's requirements.
  • Pay all fines and fees resulting from violations of the GCU parking rules and regulations.
  • Protect and hold harmless the university, its students, officers and employees, from all claims of injuries to persons or damages to property resulting from vehicle operation or parking.

Accessible Parking

Vehicles displaying a current GCU-issued handicapped parking permit can park in any open designated handicapped space, regardless of posted parking lot designation. Handicapped parking permits may be obtained by contacting Student Disability Services and providing documentation that supports a handicapped parking status. 

Handicapped spaces are indicated with the handicapped symbol in the space and a handicapped parking sign in front of the space. Access spaces have yellow lines in front of ramps on the sidewalks or next to handicapped spaces to give disabled individuals adequate room. Persons parked in handicapped spaces without an appropriate GCU-issued parking permit are subject to fines.

Please notify the GCU Department of Public Safety at 602-639-8100 when a disabled space is occupied by an unauthorized vehicle. Handicapped parking regulations are enforced at all times.

Parking Requirements

These parking and traffic regulations are effective Aug. 16, 2015 and are subject to change at any time. All vehicles operated on the GCU campus by students, faculty and staff must properly display a current GCU parking permit on the inside of the windshield on the driver's side. Safety regulations are enforced 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Registration for a parking permit does not guarantee available parking. The responsibility of finding a legal parking space rests with the vehicle operator. A lack of space is not a valid excuse for violating parking regulations. The use of emergency flashers or personal dash placards does not excuse illegal parking. Vehicles parked illegally may receive a citation.

Space Reservations

GCU reserves the right to set aside space for special events in all campus parking areas. GCU further reserves the right to temporarily block streets or parking lots in order to facilitate repairs without notice to the general public.

Parking Violations and Citations

When paying a parking citation, keep in mind that new citations may take up to 48 hours to appear in the database. If there is a pending fee along with a current balance, you are responsible for paying the entire amount. All vehicles impounded or towed are subject to a release fee in addition to all outstanding citations.