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If you need help with your toughest subjects, Grand Canyon University (GCU) invites you to Experience the Learn at Academic and Career Excellence (ACE) Centers. You will work one-on-one with another GCU student, known as a learning advocate (LEAD), to help you get the most out of your educational experience. Find out more about the ACE Centers by browsing through our frequently asked questions.

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Have you visited an ACE Center? If you would you like to share your experience, please complete the survey below regarding your LEAD and session(s). This information helps us continue to improve ACE Centers and evaluate the effectiveness of our LEADs.

Note: This survey is anonymous and your name will not be used in conjunction with this evaluation; however, feedback may be provided to the LEAD about his or her performance.

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ACE Centers offer a variety of services to both campus and online students, including one-on-one study sessions with a LEAD. Our goal is to help you succeed in all of your courses during your time here at GCU. We are here to provide extra assistance so that you can succeed in your most challenging classes and earn the grades you want.

Scheduling an Appointment

Online Students Only

We encourage you to make an appointment with a LEAD three to seven days before an assignment due date. Although we suggest two to three sessions per week, you may schedule one 30-minute appointment per day or a one-hour appointment every other day. You can schedule an appointment every day for up to eight days in advance. Schedule your appointment for the ACE Centers below.

Locations, Specialties and Hours


Call 602-639-8901 to book a LEAD.


Find LEAD availability at


Questions? Contact

Need help but unable to get to campus? Online course assistance is available. To schedule an online learning session, indicate that you would prefer an online appointment when reserving your session.

After Dark

Get the help you need in your toughest classes during the evening!

Paper Drop

Paper Drop is an academic service for ENG-105, UNV-103 and Christian Worldview students. Writing LEADs will review and offer constructive feedback to help you further develop your paper.

Expected Turnaround Timelines

Papers turned in by 5 pm on Thursday will be ready on Sunday night. Papers turned in by noon on Monday will be ready on Wednesday night.

Remind101 Text Messaging

Need to work with someone? Unable to get an appointment for today? We can help!

If another student cancels an appointment or if the ACE Center has availability, the Remind101 text messaging system will text you the available time and name of the person with whom you will be working.

Call 602-639-8901 when you receive the text message.

Sign up to receive alerts for a specific subject by texting the appropriate code to 786-393-6772. After your course is complete, text the word STOP to 786-393-6772 to be removed from the list.

GCU provides one hour of free assistance per day to every student, but you can receive more time by using our text messaging system. Appointments made using Remind101 do not count as part of your daily hour of free learning services. You will have up to 30 minutes of additional time for every appointment you make through the Remind101 system!

*Standard text messaging rates may apply

Video Tutorials

Need help in certain subject areas, but unable to get in for an appointment at an ACE Center? We invite you to take a look at our short video tutorials. These may help answer basic questions in specific subjects. For resources and more information, visit the Student Success Center.

Explore More

Explore More sessions help students get the most out of their academic experience! These sessions offer extra help from subject matter experts and provide support beyond the classroom.

Explore More sessions include:

  • A complete schedule with session topic, day, time and location. 
  • The chance to focus on weekly topics in the most challenging courses. 
  • Academic assistance and support from faculty and instructional assistants.
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If a LEAD is not available, GCU offers tutoring services from ThinkingStorm, which is an external provider that specializes in online learning assistance services for students in specific academic areas. Students may access ThinkingStorm for free for up to 10 hours per year (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31). After utilizing these 10 hours, you may choose to pay for more hours at rates ranging from $12 to $25 per hour depending on the subject matter.

Live learning sessions are available 10 - 4 am EST. Most topics are available on-demand. Advanced topics such as business and advanced statistics require appointments. You may submit an essay for review at any time. Review our ThinkingStorm "How-To's" for more information.

Please complete the information below and select 20 volunteer hours per semester, 40 hours total, in the GCU Lounge.

Hours of operation: 
Building 16, Monday-Friday: 3 - 8 pm 
Building 16, Saturday: 8 am - 8 pm 
Off Campus, Monday-Friday: 3 - 8 pm*

*Off campus visits function similar to building 16 operations, except we take the tutoring to a local high school or off campus facility. Transportation to and from is provided. Meet in building 16 no later than 3 pm.

Here are some steps that may help you in signing up for your service hours:

  1. Fill out the form below with your information (name, ID#, phone, email, ect.).
  2. Select a date based on your availability. 
  3. Select the times you are available to serve. If there are no boxes with times that appear, a new date will need to be selected as all the positions have already been filled for that date.
  4. Click Submit.

Sign Up for Hours

Important: Ensure you have selected a date and corresponding time(s) you are available to serve. Once your selection has been submitted, changes to your service schedule cannot occur unless there is a class schedule conflict. Please review the Cancellation Policy below before you submit this selection.

Cancellation Policy