The Office of Housing Operations at Grand Canyon University manages the housing reservations and logistical needs of both the incoming and returning residential community on campus. The planning of living area allocation and growth, creation/maintenance of online housing selection processes and communication of/accountability to housing policies and deadlines are all aspects Housing Operations oversees.

It is the goal of Housing Operations to provide student centric, premier customer service by keeping students informed of housing opportunities and responsibilities and offering an efficient, intuitive housing selection process. Housing Operations seeks to empower and develop students to navigate housing needs and priorities. Striving for continual improvement of student service, processes and policies is paramount to Housing Operations.

Housing Policies

Contact Housing Operations

Student Life Building, Building 26

Important Dates

Student Housing

GCU offers a variety of housing options for new and returning students. Our suite-style residence halls and apartments offer all of the amenities you need to make GCU your home away from home. Browse through our housing options to learn more!

2017-18 Housing Options Brochure
2018-19 Housing Options Brochure
2018-19 Housing Options

Housing Costs

GCU is committed to keeping housing costs low. Housing and meal plan costs are dependent on the accommodations you seek and the type of meal plan you select. Explore our room and board fees to learn more.

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Withdrawal From Housing

If you need to withdraw from GCU Housing before the end of your Housing Contract, you will need to fill out the Withdraw from Housing form. The form can be found by logging into your housing portal and clicking on "Withdraw from Housing." Review the 2017-18 reimbursement fee schedule and the 2017-18 meal plan cancellation schedule for more information. 

2018-19 Reimbursement Fee Schedule
2018-19 Meal Plan Cancellation Schedule

Housing Selection

The housing selection processes for incoming and returning students occur during two different time periods based on the needs of each group. Returning students select housing in the spring term of the academic year. This allows you time to understand campus housing and develop an idea of with whom and where you might like to live during the next academic year.

GCU hopes that all students who desire on-campus housing are able to choose a housing reservation on campus. GCU strives to intentionally maintain viable options for all students. In the event that housing selection comes to a point where returning students are unable to choose a bed on campus due to capacity, GCU has created contingency plans to open further housing options if needed.

Apply for Housing
18-19 New Student Application Instructions
18-19 Incoming Application Priority Deadlines

GCU reserves the right to adjust the allocation of a living area.

Allocation and Building Designation

Campus housing is allocated as incoming student housing, transfer housing and returning student housing. Transfer students are defined as incoming students 20 years and older at the start of the academic term.

Students with unique or extenuating circumstances may appeal housing options to

General Housing Selection Policies

Protecting Your Password
You should not under any circumstances share your online housing application username or pin number. You will be held responsible for the actions completed on your online housing application.

Failure to Complete Housing Contract
You must complete and submit the Housing Contract by the first housing cancellation deadline specific to the term for which you are applying. If you are applying for housing after the cancellation deadline, you must complete the Housing Contract at the time of housing selection.

Housing Selection for Returning Students

You select housing through the four-step annual housing selection process.

Step 1: Pre-Payment to Commit to Housing

The first step of the housing selection process entails placing a deposit for a bed on campus next year.

  • Review specific dates for Step 1.
  • Receive your online appointment time via email from Housing Operations.
  • During your appointment time, pay the non-refundable pre-payment to guarantee a bed on campus, create opportunity to participate in roommate groups and receive a housing selection timeslot based on student classification.
  • You are guaranteed a bed only if you pay the pre-payment by the established deadline and continue to meet housing eligibility requirements for the following academic year.
  • Failure to pay the pre-payment by the deadline will result in a "late applicant" selection timeslot, assigned for the last day of the housing selection process. Late applicants are not guaranteed a bed on campus and are not able to participate in roommate groups.
  • You are emailed your housing selection timeslot at the close of Step 1.

Step 2: Creation of Roommate Groups (Optional)

The second step of the housing selection process is optional, but recommended. This optional opportunity allows you to select housing with preferred roommates, regardless of assigned timeslots. Participation in roommate groups does not guarantee that you will live with preferred roommates or in your preferred location. Select your roommates for the following academic year.

  • Review specific dates for Step 2.
  • Select a group leader and create a roommate group through the online housing application.
  • The group leader is responsible for choosing the group's housing reservations in Step 3. This should be the person in the group with the best timeslot.
  • Once the roommate group is formed, the leader must verify the group in the online housing application.
  • You may only be in one roommate group.
  • Groups may not be larger than six students. Smaller groups are highly recommended.
  • Roommate groups can be changed throughout the housing selection process.
  • Late applicants may not create or join a roommate group.

Step 3: Housing Selection

It is time to choose your housing for next year! This may be particularly helpful if you are part of a roommate group.

  • Review specific dates for Step 3.
  • The group leader or individuals without a group selects a group's housing reservation for the academic school year.
  • If your group is unable to find a room that allows all group members to live together, you should consider the following:
    • Removing yourself from the group and selecting individual housing reservations according to your individual timeslot.
    • Creating a smaller group.

Step 4: Meal Plan Selection and Completion of Housing Contract (Per Individual Timeslot)

After you have selected your housing selection, you need to select your meal plan (if required) and sign the Housing Contract. Once you have completed this step, the housing selection process is complete!

  • Review specific dates for Step 4.
  • Log in to your housing application during your individual timeslot, sign the housing contract (all students) and sign up for a meal plan (if required for your chosen living area).
  • Optional: Sign up for renter's insurance
  • You must log in and complete the Housing Contract by the established deadline. Failure to complete this contract by the deadline will result in cancellation of a GCU housing reservation.

Prospective RA's and Life Leaders

Housing has been reserved for accepted RA's and Life Leaders and their preferred roommates (where applicable). This impacts the housing selection process for potential RA and Life Leader candidates.

  • Step 1: Once accepted to the position, RA's and Life Leaders are required to complete Step 1 of the housing selection process before they will be placed in their reserved bed. It is recommended that RA's and Life Leaders complete Step 1 by the deadline so that, in the event they are not accepted for the position, they will still have a guaranteed bed on campus, have the opportunity to participate in roommate groups and be assigned a housing selection timeslot based on their classification.
  • Step 2: Prospective RA's and Life Leaders will be made aware of their acceptance to the position during Step 2 of the housing selection process. Accepted RA's and Life Leaders will be directed to create a roommate pair (only permitted one preferred roommate) on their housing application.
  • Step 3: RA's, Life Leaders and preferred roommates will not complete Step 3, as they will be placed by Housing Operations into their assigned, reserved beds.
  • Step 4: RA's, Life Leaders and preferred roommates are required to complete Step 4 during their assigned housing selection timeslot.

About Roommate Groups

Roommate groups are recommended if you want to live with specific roommates during the following academic year. These groups allow you to select housing with both preferred roommates and suitemates. To learn about creating a roommate group, check out Step 2 of the housing selection process.

Group leader
The student in the group with the best housing selection timeslot. This individual is responsible for choosing housing for the entire group. Once the group leader chooses housing, all students in the roommate group hold a housing reservation in that room together.

Group size
Groups range in size from one to six students. Smaller groups are recommended to increase the probability of finding a space that accommodates all group members.

  • Late applicants: Students who submit the housing committal and/or pre-payment after the established deadline are not able to create or join a roommate group.
  • Roommate groups: A group of students who want to live together.

How to Create a Roommate Group

  1. The group leader logs into their housing application and creates a group name and password. The person who initiates the group's creation defaults to the group leader (so make sure the group member with the best selection timeslot creates the group).
  2. The group leader gives the name and password of the group to their preferred roommates.
  3. Each of the preferred roommates logs into the housing application, searches for the group name and adds themselves to the group using the group password.
  4. Once all group members have added themselves to the group, the group leader must log back into the housing application and click "verify group." Failure to do so will result in loss of group leader selection privileges.
  5. The group leader is then responsible for choosing the housing reservation for the roommate group.
  6. You may remove yourself from the group or create a new group at any time.

Recommended Group Discussion Topics

  • What type of room do we hope to select?
  • What type of room can group members financially afford?
  • What location does the group want to select?
  • If our group location and/or room type is not available during our selection timeslot, what is our backup plan?
  • How many people should we have in our group?
  • Is the group committed to living together, even if their desired location or room type is unavailable?

Group Names
GCU reserves the right to change a group name and/or remove students from a roommate group at any time for reasons including, but not limited to, circumstances where the group name is found to be vulgar and/or inappropriate.

Preferred Roommates
Step 2 of the housing selection process is intended to help you live with your preferred roommates when housing is originally selected.

The annual housing selection process is set up based on your current academic classification as determined by completed credits applied to your major. Completed credits outside of the current degree program of study are not considered. You are grouped by your academic classification and randomly assigned a selection timeslot within your classification group.

  • First selection group: current seniors
  • Second selection group: current juniors
  • Third selection group: current sophomores
  • Fourth selection group: current freshmen
  • Fifth selection group: late applicants

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Summer Housing

If you are taking classes or working on campus during the hot season, living on campus is the ultimate convenience. Students who remain on campus during the summer semester must follow all university policies. If a student violates the Community Standards alcohol or drug policies during the summer semester, they will be removed from housing for the remainder of the term. This decision is at the discretion of the Student Conduct Board. Other violations during this time may also call for removal from campus housing. GCU reserves the right to move a student at any time.


Summer residents must be GCU undergraduate students working on campus (as verified by Career Services) and/or taking summer classes (campus or online). Married student housing is available for those currently in married housing.

View Frequently Asked Questions

About Summer Housing

Summer students must be present for summer move-in and spring checkout. Summer students are permitted to extend their stay in their spring housing reservation until the summer move-in date. The deadline to apply for summer 2017 housing is Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 5 pm.

Summer 2017 Move-In: Friday, May 5 (check out of spring housing on Monday, May 8)
Summer Student Fall 2017 Move-In: Friday, July 28 (Students must be present)
Summer 2017 Move-Out: Monday, July 31
Summer Term: May 8 – Aug. 18
Location: Acacia Hall (current married residence can remain in North Rim Apartments)
Cost: $1,200 for students taking GCU classes
$1,600 for students working on campus
$2,400 for married housing
Meal Plans (optional): $250 or $500 Dining Dollars

Off-Campus Student Housing Opportunities

GCU is pleased to provide a list of off-campus housing opportunities in both West Phoenix and Central Phoenix. The information within this directory is presented as a service. GCU does not endorse any specific website, realtor, apartment or home.

For more information about any of these apartment complexes, contact the complexes directly.

GCU encourages renters to be cautious and aware, and to make informed decisions when searching for housing. Rental property owners are responsible for reporting information fairly and accurately, and GCU cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of such information.

Inclusion of any property or rental unit within this directory does not constitute, and shall not be construed or reported as (1) an endorsement or approval by GCU of the landlord, its properties or its business practices, or (2) a warranty or representation by GCU as to the quality, safety or other features of such property and/or its owners or management agent(s). GCU expressly disclaims any and all responsibility for damages, injuries or other problems that may arise with regard to such property or rental unit.

Acclaim Apartment Homes
2506 W. Dunlap Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85021

Camden Copper Square
901 E. Van Buren St.
Phoenix, AZ 85006

Citi on Camelback
909 E. Camelback Road
Phoenix, AZ 85014

Clarendon Park
222 W. Clarendon Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85013

Enclave at Arrowhead
8092 W. Paradise Lane
Peoria, AZ 85382

The Hawthorne
3848 N. 3rd Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85013

The Heritage
1100 E. Osborn Road
Phoenix, AZ 85014

77 W. Coolidge St.
Phoenix, AZ 850

Mozaic at Steele Park
411 E. Indian School Road
Phoenix, AZ 85012

Roosevelt Point
888 N. 4th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Application service fee waived for GCU students.